!Musa! January gift and news

Hi members!

I was very busy and did not put out Gift in December ・・・ I'm sorry;(

But, I send the gift in January to you today :)

This Gift is blue eyeliner.

I love deepblue eyeliner in RL,It shows eyes clearly.

When I took this photo, the mascara was made blue according to blue eyeliner.

If you want to use a black mascara though I recommend the color of the mascara to be matched,I recommend Musa Narciccus black make up(80L$) to be used on together. Around of eyes blacken.

I hope you like it :)

So,do you want another color eyeliner?

I will put them on my shop by the end of this month,,,maybe lol

***** Musa Makeup Salon-Makeup tattoo shop for viewer2.0 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/231/24/53