Musa Makeup Salon New Release-!Musa! Cat's Eyes

Musa Makeup Salon New Release!

 Its new series..."Cat's Eyes"!
New series is EyeLiner.
Yes,its,color variation of the gift this month.(Did you receive gift?)

 !Musa! Cat's Eyes-munchkin
Skin-Laqroki Tasha02 milky01+blonde hair and eyeblow tattoo

 Cat 's eyes is a thickish eye line where even inside line was drawn.
It will show to impressive more greatly emphasizing outlines of your eyes.
Its more effective if it uses with the makeup of Musa and other shops.
Because inside line is dyed, too I recommend color Eye Lashes use.
If you want to use a black mascara,!Musa!Narcissus -black makeup might be served,It dyes inside line to the black.
I think that Cat'sEyes Series are suits the man too.
Please recommend it to your lover or husband x)

Single/ 80L$
Fatpack/ 550L$

Cat's Eyes Fatpack is sale until Feb 7,   550L$ ----> 400L$! yay!


And don't forget the gift from Musa.
If you join Subscribe, you can obtained :)

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