Musa New makeup Series...Petticort!

Musa Makeup Salon New Release!

Its new series..."Petticort"!
very simple makeup.Thin eye color and eye line.
And 20 colors! Too thin and hardly understands the difference,but 20 colors! lol

If you like simple, natural makeup,Petticort might be very useful.
But I named my new makeups "Petticort" because...I want you to make it Eye makeup base.
If you are using Viewer of 2.1base, its possible. 
You can pile up two or more makeups. You can make original makeup variation :))
(Please don't ask me which 2.1 bases.I'm using only Kirsten!)

For instance, such a combination can be done.
 !Musa!Mono-Emerald Eyeshadow
Pink bace&Green accent Eyeshadow!

!Musa! AnotherMe-Titan-Eyeshadow
 Darker Gold Eyeshadow!

Its one example. Please find your favorite combination :)
Single/ 80L$
Fatpack/ 950L$...650L$saving!
Petticort Fatpack is a sale until October 24(extension),  950L$ ---->  800L$! yay!

***** Musa Makeup Salon-Makeup tattoo shop for viewer2.0

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