Musa Makeup Salon New Release-!Musa! AnotherMe2 Eastern Lion & Anti Geisha2

New Release from Musa Makeup Salon.

Did you notice Makeups in April was up to now a little different?
I changed Skin in March. Shape also changed according to Skin just a little.
Then, my Makeups did not suit me at all...;(
It was very an impact for me though Shape was only a few changes and Skin is same Shop.
So,I thought about how to make my Makeups again.
First of all, the color is too thick. I gave priority to the color vividness too much though I wanted to make Makeups that became familiar with the skin.
And, I think about the color range and the position.
If you think not suiting about Makeups of Musa,please test the new one again.

AnotherMe2-Eastern Lion
Image of tile of Islamic culture. Blue, Gold, and exotic color.

Remake of AnotherMe-Anti Geisha. Anti Geisha is best seller in Musa,but It is very thick makeup. 
Anti Geisha2 is simple makeup for daily use.

Single makeup/90L$

***** Musa Makeup Salon-Makeup tattoo shop for viewer2

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